NEWS: MAY 2 – 2021




America First Legal Pursuing Lawsuit Against Critical Race Theory: Stephen Miller




America First Legal (AFL) is seeking to launch a lawsuit against critical race theory (CRT), Stephen Miller, ex-adviser for former President Donald Trump, said.

“We’re also looking for plaintiffs—if we can find them—who are willing to stand up and file suit on critical race theory,” he said





Pentagon to Release UFO Report of Vessels That Defy Science and Remarkable ‘Otherworldly’ Technologies



In December last year, the Trump administration signed a $2.3 trillion COVID-19 relief bill that included a mandate for the Pentagon and intelligence agencies to file a report detailing their findings on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), also known as unidentified flying objects (UFOs). According to a directive from the Senate Select Intelligence Committee included in the annual Intelligence Authorization Act (IAA), the report has to be delivered within 180 days of signing the IAA, with a deadline in late June.





‘I recorded them murdering patients’: The terrible testimony of a nurse at a New York hospital



Chilling is the account of American nurse Erin Maria Olzewski, who reported as a witness the unethical practices that reportedly led to the deaths of patients diagnosed with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus (COVID-19).

Although Olzewski uncovered the terrible practices in June, she recently recalled them in Tulsa, Oklahoma, before an audience at the Health and Freedom Conference held at Rhema Bible College, as reported by Life Site News on April 26.

Link: The BL




Biden breaks promise: His son Hunter continues to invest in a company linked to China’s communist regime



President Joe Biden has been in office for 100 days and has breached a major promise he made when his son Hunter’s first conflicts of interest and corruption erupted. Biden promised that neither he nor any family member would be involved with foreign business dealings should he become president.

However, Hunter Biden continues to hold a significant stake in a Chinese private equity firm, defying President Joe Biden’s promise that his family would divest itself of its foreign business interests.

Link: The BL




What Are Quasars? A Look at One of the Most Mysterious Objects in the Universe



These mysterious objects can emit ten to one hundred times more energy than the entire Milky Way.Astronomers are still working behind the scenes to understand the science behind mysterious objects detected in deep space called “quasars,” also known as “quasi-stellar radio sources,” or “quasi-stellar objects.”





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