NEWS: JUNE 22 – 2022






Chinese builders are so miserable these days that they are accepting wheat and garlic as installments



Now, desperate developers have come up with a novel but moronic promotion to attract buyers. Developers in Beijing are now offering to take wheat and garlic as down payments. Swapping ‘wheat and garlic for house’ is indeed a thing only possible in a country like China.

One advertisement of Henan-based Central China Real Estate (0832.HK) that had a title “swap wheat for house” said that buyers can buy a house using the crop, priced at 2 yuan per catty, a chinese unit of mass equal to 500 gms, to offset as much as 160,000 yuan ($23,900.22) of down payment in one of its developments. According to a Central China Real Estate sales agent, it was aimed mainly at the farmers in the region. This development in the central province of Henan offers houses for around 600,000 to 900,000 yuan.






In a scene reminiscent of the Freedom Convoy protests that rocked Canada’s capital of Ottawa earlier this year, Dutch Farmers, driving tractors, have clogged roadways in the Netherlands on their way to protest the government’s plan to reign in emissions associated with nitrogen oxide and ammonia which farmers say will reduce livestock in the country by almost a third.

The protest, organized earlier this month, was prompted by nationwide emissions reduction targets published by the Dutch government that angered farmers who say their livelihoods, and the livelihoods of thousands of others who work in the agricultural sector, have been put at risk by the mandated reductions.






U.S. refiners will try to convince the Biden administration not to ban fuel exports to combat sky-high gasoline prices, according to sources familiar with plans for a meeting set for Thursday.

The White House has called an emergency meeting with top U.S. refiners to discuss ways to bring down record pump prices that have driven inflation to 40-year highs. The meeting follows weeks of mudslinging between U.S. President Joe Biden and oil companies over who is to blame for price spikes affecting consumers worldwide.






British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says that the Russian military’s push in eastern Ukraine is exacting a high toll on its troops and resources, which he said could thwart future advances by the Kremlin.

Johnson, citing intelligence from his country’s defense services, remarked on the momentum of Russian troops and potential for exhausting their resources in an interview published Wednesday by Germany’s Süddeutsche Zeitung, reports Reuters. The British prime minister offered a more upbeat outlook on Ukraine’s position in the conflict following reports that Russia has gained ground after pivoting its war effort.






Key positions in the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda agencies underwent personnel reshuffles in recent weeks. Those reshuffles appear to be part of Xi Jinping’s effort to more firmly strengthen his control over the Party’s “pen” ahead of important political meetings this year — and as swaying public discourse becomes more crucial for the CCP regime amidst mounting crises.






In a significant step for its modern development, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy has launched its largest and most advanced aircraft carrier, the Fujian. Displacing more than 80,000 tons, the ship boasts electromagnetic catapults and arresting devices, a technology previously only seen in the American Gerald R. Ford class carriers.

Fujian, also known by its design number 003, was inaugurated in a “short but festive ceremony” on June 17 at the China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) shipyard located in Shanghai, as reported by Chinese state-run media. It was supposed to have been launched on June 3, the date of the traditional Dragon Boat Festival, but unexpected difficulties caused a two-week delay.






China’s housing market is gloomy, many cities have announced easing restrictions on sales and prices to encourage people to buy houses. The “wheat for a house” marketing is going viral on Chinese social platforms/media.

Reuters cited images of two posters in an article titled: “Reckless Chinese property/real estate developer willing to ‘trade wheat for a house.’”

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According to a statement released by the U.S. Department of Justice on June 16, Dr. Simon Saw-Teong Ang, or Hong Si Zhong, 64, would remain in federal prison, followed by a year of supervised release, and a fine of 5,600 dollars.

Ang owns 24 patents in China, which either have his name or his Chinese birth name. However, he failed to report that to the University of Arkansas as per the school’s policy. He did not come clean about his part in the inventions when speaking to an FBI agent either.

Link: THE BL


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