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FCC Commissioner Calls on Apple and Google to Ban TikTok From App Stores



In light of national security threats posed by TikTok, Commissioner Brendan Carr called on both Apple and Google to ban TikTok in their app stores.

Brendan Carr, the Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) addressed the security issue in an open letter to Apple and Google on June 24.

He highlighted on Twitter: “TikTok is not just another video app;” “That’s the sheep’s clothing;” and “It harvests swaths of sensitive data that new reports show are being accessed in Beijing.”





Hackers Targeting Anti-abortion States After Roe v. Wade Decision



Hackers targeting anti-abortion states after the Supreme Court’s ruling last week to eliminate the nearly 50-year-old federal constitutional right to have an abortion have leaked the personal data of two U.S. state governments, reports Tech Monitor.

Hacking gang SiegedSec released eight gigabytes of information reportedly stolen from state governments in Arkansas and Kentucky in retaliation for restricting abortion access.





Germany’s BioNTech (22UAy.DE), Pfizer’s (PFE.N) partner in COVID-19 vaccines, said the two companies would start tests on humans of next-generation shots that protect against a wide variety of coronaviruses in the second half of the year.

Their experimental work on shots that go beyond the current approach include T-cell-enhancing shots, designed to primarily protect against severe disease if the virus becomes more dangerous, and pan-coronavirus shots that protect against the broader family of viruses and its mutations.







The top Chinese envoy to the United Nations railed against NATO on Tuesday ahead of the alliance’s anticipated rebuke of China at its annual summit, which has invited four heads of government from the Asia-Pacific for the first time this year.

At a Security Council briefing on the war in Ukraine, Ambassador Zhang Jun expressed concerns about the “protracted and extended” nature of the conflict, which had produced a “dire” humanitarian crisis with mounting civilian casualties. The senior Chinese diplomat then dedicated one-third of his time to the North Atlantic Alliance.





Laos falls into China’s debt trap



2022 is a challenging year for Laos. The country has fallen into the Chinese debt trap, following countries such as Sri Lanka and Pakistan.  At present, the rising public debt is a major worry for Laos.

According to the World Bank, the nation’s public debt last year totaled 14.5 billion dollars, and about half of it owed to China. This accounts for 88% of Laos’ gross domestic product.

The debt surged last December when Laos and China inaugurated a new 6 billion dollars railroad that connects the country’s capital Vientiane to Kunming, China.

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The construction of a China-funded large bridge project has created billions of more debts to Bangladesh. Notably, the project’s costs surged three times higher than the original estimate.

As Liberty Times reported, the Padma Bridge officially opened to traffic on June 25. This is known as the China-Bangladesh friendship bridge.

The Padma Bridge construction started in November 2015. It has a total length of 6.15 kilometers, becoming the longest bridge in Bangladesh. It ranks the 122nd longest in the world.

The bridge took eight years to finally complete and open to traffic.

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According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), China’s arms exports in the period 2017-2021 fell by nearly a third compared with the previous five years (2012-2016).

Specifically, China accounted for only 4.6% of total global arms sales, compared with 6.4% in the period 2012 – 2016.

Meanwhile, the United States accou

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