NEWS: MAY 3 – 2021


US: 3,848 dead, 118,902 injuries following Covid-19 vaccinations, including children



During the period, 3,848 people have died, and 118,902 adverse reactions have been reported in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Health Impact News reported.

Children’s deaths are now being recorded as a result of COVID-19 vaccinations. At least five children have died due to COVID injections, including a 5-month-old baby who was not injected but was breastfed by her mother.

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Despite Chinese vaccines extremely low effectiveness, Argentina will produce them locally



After the anger of the international community for having covered up the existence of the CCP Virus to the world—with the help of the WHO—China rushed to manufacture a vaccine not only to sell and make fortunes but also to ‘give away’ to the neediest countries, in an attempt to show its ‘benevolence.’

According to the Daily Mail, this ‘vaccine diplomacy,’ which Beijing calls the ‘Health Silk Road,’ was a complete failure due to the ineffectiveness of the vaccines. However, it was not enough to prevent some socialist governments, such as Argentina, to sign millionaire contracts—taxpayers’ money—with Chinese state laboratories to produce the vaccines locally.

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Chinese Leader Xi Jinping Lays out Plan to Control the Global Internet: Leaked Documents



Chinese leader Xi Jinping personally directed the communist regime to focus its efforts to control the global internet, displacing the influential role of the United States, according to internal government documents recently obtained by The Epoch Times.

The statements confirm efforts made by Beijing in the past few years to promote its own authoritarian version of the internet as a model for the world.





Florida counters Big Tech censorship with new legislation



The new law would have Big Tech reconsidering their ongoing discrimination of political data that by far has been manipulated in favor of leftists and has muted voices from the other party. The new law penalizes such behavior and would fine companies up to $250,000 daily for the suspension of statewide politicians and $25,000 for blocking other elected officials, The Hill reported.

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Biden Economic Adviser: Americans Will Experience Some Inflation



White House official on Sunday said the administration expects to see some “transitory inflation” as the United States emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“These are very serious concerns, and we know that coming out of an extremely deep recession that there are going to be bumps along the way. We expect that there is going to be supply chain disruptions. That will cause some transitory increases in prices,” Council of Economic Advisers chair Cecilia Rouse  responded.





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