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Biden administration stunned as Taliban declares victory against Afghan presidential palace
China on Afghanistan: ‘The Real Winner of This Disaster Is China’
Pro-Army Mobs Attack Myanmar Protesters in Escalation of Violence in Myanmar
Nikole Hannah-Jones Praised Socialism for Making Cuba ‘Most Equal Multi-Racial Country in Our Hemisphere’
The Truth and Lessons of Tiananmen
Small Investors Push Against Platforms’ Ban on GameStop Stock Buys
2020 Election
A new strain of resistance? How the coronavirus crisis is changing Hong Kong’s protest movement
Hong Kong’s battle-weary student protesters face exams and ponder the future


A former president revealed body bags were piled up outside a mainland Chinese laboratory on Sept. 21. Donald Trump confirmed he ...
    NEWS SEPTEMBER 24 – 2021

    NEWS: SEPTEMBER 24 – 2021

    On September 3 Denmark lifted all of its COVID restrictions, becoming the first country in the European Union to do so. At the time, ...
      NEWS SEPTEMBER 23 – 2021

      NEWS: SEPTEMBER 23 – 2021

      The whistleblower is Jodi O’Malley, a registered nurse who worked for Indian Health Service, a federal health program for American ...
        NEWS SEPTEMBER 22 – 2021

        NEWS: SEPTEMBER 22 – 2021

        VAERS data released Sept. 17 by the CDC showed a total of 701,561 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID ...
          NEWS SEPTEMBER 21 – 2021

          NEWS: SEPTEMBER 21 – 2021

          Researchers at a U.S.-based university have received a federal grant to study whether they can genetically engineer plants to carry ...
            NEWS SEPTEMBER 20 – 2021

            NEWS: SEPTEMBER 20 – 2021

            The vaccine passport app used by the United Kingdom’s public health system is using a private company to collect and process biometric ...
              NEWS SEPTEMBER 19 – 2021

              NEWS: SEPTEMBER 19 – 2021

              Health Secretary Xavier Becerra announced on Friday, Sept. 17, his support for both abortion providers in the state of Texas and their ...
                NEWS SEPTEMBER 18 – 2021

                NEWS: SEPTEMBER 18 – 2021

                On Tuesday, Sept. 14, Judicial Watch announced that it received records and communications from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ...
                  NEWS SEPTEMBER 17 – 2021

                  NEWS: SEPTEMBER 17 – 2021

                  On April 20, UK-based attorneys Melinda C. Mayne and Kaira S. McCallum submitted a 27-page “Request for Investigation” to the ...
                    NEWS SEPTEMBER 16 – 2021

                    NEWS: SEPTEMBER 16 – 2021

                    The National Pulse can also exclusively report that Lewis serves on the board of the Greater Washington China Investment Center ...
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