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Biden administration stunned as Taliban declares victory against Afghan presidential palace
China on Afghanistan: ‘The Real Winner of This Disaster Is China’
Pro-Army Mobs Attack Myanmar Protesters in Escalation of Violence in Myanmar
Nikole Hannah-Jones Praised Socialism for Making Cuba ‘Most Equal Multi-Racial Country in Our Hemisphere’
The Truth and Lessons of Tiananmen
Small Investors Push Against Platforms’ Ban on GameStop Stock Buys
2020 Election
A new strain of resistance? How the coronavirus crisis is changing Hong Kong’s protest movement
Hong Kong’s battle-weary student protesters face exams and ponder the future
NEWS OCTOBER 16 – 2021

NEWS: OCTOBER 16 – 2021

The White House confirmed they are speaking with oil and gas producers in the United States about reducing rising energy prices, just ...
    NEWS OCTOBER 15 – 2021

    NEWS: OCTOBER 15 – 2021

            White House Tells Governors to Get Ready to Vaccinate Young Kids, Even Though FDA Hasn’t Approved It. ...
      NEWS OCTOBER 14 – 2021

      NEWS: OCTOBER 14– 2021

      A weekly intelligence report examining vaccine uptake rates, new positive Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) case count, ...
        NEWS OCTOBER 13– 2021

        NEWS: OCTOBER 13– 2021

        More than 330 U.S. research scientists sent a letter to President Biden Thursday urging him to use his executive authority to stop all ...
          NEWS OCTOBER 12 – 2021

          NEWS: OCTOBER 12 – 2021

          Governments around the world are compelling and coercing more people to receive Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) injections, ...
            NEWS OCTOBER 11 – 2021

            NEWS: OCTOBER 11 – 2021

            Merck’s newly announced pill to treat Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) based on the molnupiravir compound has the downside of ...
              NEWS OCTOBER 10 – 2021

              NEWS: OCTOBER 10 – 20219

              One document, titled “Notice of Further Strengthening of Epidemic Prevention” was issued by the Chinese regime’s State Council, and ...
                NEWS OCTOBER 09 – 2021

                NEWS: OCTOBER 09 – 20219

                A recent study examining data across 68 countries, including 2,947 counties located in the United States, has found no apparent ...
                  NEWS OCTOBER 08 – 2021

                  NEWS: OCTOBER 08 – 20

                  Merck’s recently announced pill-based antiviral treatment for COVID-19 was researched and developed at a U.S. university using taxpayer ...
                    NEWS OCTOBER 07 – 2021

                    NEWS: OCTOBER 07 – 2021

                    A new Pfizer whistleblower has come forward with copies of an email chain involving two high level company executives confirming that ...
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